Little Iron Man: Austin Avenue’s “Teddy” Morris

We received this interesting note! Thanks for pulling this information together. It appears that Allen Morris, listed as the son of policeman Gordon Morris of 59 Austin Ave in the 1911 and 1921 censuses, was Canadian football Hall of Famer “Teddy” Morris, real name Allen Byron Morris, who won 3 Grey Cups playing for theContinue reading “Little Iron Man: Austin Avenue’s “Teddy” Morris”

Logan Avenue, 1890-1895

When we look at a photo, especially an old photo, we get the big picture but often miss the details that make the shot tell a story. And there’s even more details that unfolded once I dug into my files. They say that the devil is in the details, but so is the treasure! WhenContinue reading “Logan Avenue, 1890-1895”

The Secret History of Our East End Streets: 1 – 17 Austin Avenue

London, England has a BBC show, The Secret History of Our Streets. The series claims to explore “the history of archetypal streets in Britain, which reveal the story of a nation.” Our streets are just as interesting and our stories goes back millennia before Austin Avenue existed to when Leslie Creek was full of salmonContinue reading “The Secret History of Our East End Streets: 1 – 17 Austin Avenue”

Austin Avenue’s Ghost Creek

by Joanne Doucette This is a follow up to: Part 1: Austin Avenue blocked by A Creek Did you know that there was a creek at the east end of Austin Avenue? In 1918, the foreman of George Leslie’s nursery recalled Leslie Creek: a creek … also started near the sandpit and ran throughContinue reading “Austin Avenue’s Ghost Creek”