The Cemeteries

Cemeteries are designated consecrated places in which the dead are deposited. The word comes from the Greek koimeterion or the Latin coemeterium, meaning “to lie down to rest” or “to sleep.” This usage alludes to the Christian belief in resurrection; but burial is not only a Christian practice — it is found all around theContinue reading “The Cemeteries”

Brooklyn Avenue: Some Resources from the Early Days of the Street (Updatd October 22, 2022)

By Joanne Doucette ( This post includes: The Owners & Developers In 1884 when the area was still Leslieville there was no Brooklyn Avenue and it is not listed in the 1885 Polk’s City Directory or the 1886 Polk’s City Directory.  A real estate company owned by James Armstrong and John J. Cook sold mostContinue reading “Brooklyn Avenue: Some Resources from the Early Days of the Street (Updatd October 22, 2022)”

October: The Month from Hell

By October 12, the hospitals were triaging, turning away patients they thought might have a chance of survival or just accepting patients on a first-come-first-served basis. Doctors and nurses were not seeing those we would think would be least likely to survive: elderly, frail people and young children and infants. Those who were dying were, overwhelmingly, young and healthy men and women, in all neighbourhoods including older areas in the East End such as Riverside, Leslieville and Todmorden and new neighbourhoods spreading across the farm fields of the Ashbridges, Charles Coxwell Small, the Sammons, Cosburns and others. Even the new cottage communities along the Beach were not spared.