Leslieville Historical Society E-News

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4 thoughts on “Leslieville Historical Society E-News

  1. Is there information available from the Society regarding Caulfield’s Dairy as it existed in early Toronto history. It was noted to have been Toronto’s third largest dairy operation at the time that it was taken over in June 1929 by American Dairy Borden’s.

  2. I am trying to contact the author of An Immigrant Family Story: The Breckles Part One. Anthony Breckles was my great grandfather. As grand-daughter of Anthony George, I have further info if there will be a Part 2.

    1. Hi Judy,

      I wrote the piece about the Breckles but unfortunately cannot continue with the second part. In September I had a serious head injury and cannot do this kind of work anymore. So an enforced retirement from research and writing. You will be disappointed no doubt as am I.

      Best wishes, Joanne Doucette

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