Rolph Clark Stone April 1951

Ashbridge’s Creek: twins: one captured, one free

Morley Avenue and Gerrard Street fill operations, April 28, 1912 Looking east across Woodfield Road (then called Morley Avenue) towards Coxwell. Ashbridges Creek is in the deep ravine. A culvert has been installed under Gerrard Street to carry the creek south. Workers will install a cement artificial creek about 18-30 metres below the surface. TheyContinue reading “Ashbridge’s Creek: twins: one captured, one free”

Leslie Creek, Globe, April 26, 1918

Leslie Creek started on the hill north of Blake Street, crossed the track, and ran down west of Leslie Street to cross Jones Avenue where this unfortunate woman’s house was. The creek was slow, muddy and a breeding ground for mosquitos which is why Lesliegrove Park was called “Mosquito Park.” 1899 Map showing Leslieville’s LostContinue reading “Leslie Creek, Globe, April 26, 1918”