Not sure if this one has been relocated off Whitby Ontario

Year of Build:
Official Number:
Built at:
Marysburg (Milford), ONT
Vessel Type:
Note: a “timber drougher”, ports in transom to haul large timbers of 2′ x 2′ white oak
Hull Materials:
Number of Decks:
Builder Name:
Coopers Yard
Master Carpenter:
George Dickson or Dixon
Original Owner and Location:
Charles Stewart Wilson, et al, Picton
Ownership Notes:
Reportedly, last schooner on Lakes to carry a square fore topsail
Number of Masts:
Tonnage (gross):
Tonnage (net):
Final Location:
South of Whitby, ONT
Lake Ontario
towed to deep water & sunk
1879 Owned, Leslie, et al, Kingston, ONT.
1880 Stranded North Fox Island, Lake Michigan; released by tug WINSLOW, taken to Detroit.
1883, Apr Raised, rebuilt.
1884, Sep 13 sank in Peninsular Harbor, Huron Bay, Lake Superior.
1884, Sep 26 Raised by wrecking tug INTERNATIONAL.
1888 Went ashore
1889 Rebuilt as STUART H. DUNN; 164′ 8″ x 26′ 8″ x 12′ 7″, 484 gross tons.
1910 Reduced to a tow barge.
1915 Owned C. LaBrecque.
1920 Collision with pier, sank, Port Dalhousie, ONT; recovered, not returned to service; later abandoned, Whitby, ONT.
1925 Sunk; owned John E. Russell, Toronto, ONT.

TAYLOR, W.R. Schooner. Home port, Kingston. Om Sept. 6, 1884 Schooner went ashore at Heron Bay, Lake Superior with a cargo of railroad iron; got off with hull damage of $5,000. Insurance $21,000.
Disasters to Lake Shipping, 1884
Cleveland Herald Nov. 28th. 1884

LOSS OF THE “W.R. TAYLOR.” — It was reported this afternoon that the schooner W.R. TAYLOR, owned by Mr. Leslie, and others, went ashore on the Manitou and became a total loss. It was only a few days since she cleared from Chicago with corn for Toronto at a very renumerative rate. The weather has evidently been very severe. The vessel is insured. The crew were composed of Kingstonians.
The W.R. TAYLOR was built at Picton in 1677 and owned by Messrs. Wilson, of Picton, and Lister, of Collins Bay. Her measure is 419 tons. She rates A 1 and is valued at $14,500.
LATER — Just previous to going to press we learned that the TAYLOR ran ashore near the South Minitores, (Manitous ?) which place she was making for shelter. The crew are saved, including the following: Captain, Simmons, Kingston; first-mate, Anthony LaRush, Wolfe Island; second-mate F. Thompson, Kingston; sea-man A. Felix, Kingston, brother-in-law of the President of the Sailors Union, Mr. C.W. Crowley.
Kingston Whig-Standard
November 24, 1880

THE TAYLOR ACCIDENT. — The schooner W.R. TAYLOR which went ashore at South Manitou, laden with corn for Toronto, has nine feet of water in the hold. Her cargo is a total loss, as the vessel will likely be. The vessel is insured for $13,000 on a valuation of $18,000, equally divided between the Orient, Greenwich and Manhattan Companies. The cargo consisted of 25,000 bushels of corn, shipped by Wm. Young & Co., and is insured for $12,000, equally dixided between the New England Mutual and Orient Mutual.
Kingston Whig-Standard
November 25, 1880

TAKEN OFF. — The schooner W.R. TAYLOR, ashore at the South Manitous, was successfully gotten off on Wednesday last, by the tug WINSLOW of Milwaukee. Two steam pumps were operated on the vessel. She will be towed to Milwaukee if possible. She is in fair condition. The expense of rescuing the vessel will be very large. There may be trouble regarding the matter as the owners had telegraphed to the Insurance Company that they had abandoned the vessel. The telegram was not received until after the expedition had set out.
Kingston Whig-Standard
December 10, 1880

Captain Martin Blackburn, the wrecking master, has made another excellent rescue. A dispatch from Glen haven, signed by Captain Blackburn, announces that the schooner W.R. TAYLOR is off and in the harbor at South Manitou. The corn cargo is of course a total loss, but the vessel is in fair shape. The tug WINSLOW did the pulling, and is now with the vessel.
The J.W. Hall Great Lakes Marine Scrapbook, November, 1880

The Canadian schooner W.R. TAYLOR that went ashore two years ago on the North Fox Island, lake Michigan, and was abandoned to the insurance companies and towed to this port, has been sold to Captain Henry Buckley for $4,500. She was pumped out and towed to the dry-dock today for repairs.
The J.W. Hall Great Lakes Marine Scrapbook, March/April, 1883

Schooner S.H. DUNN. Of 535 tons. Built at South Bay in 1877 by Dickson. Rebuilt in 1889. Owned by Dunn & Co. Home port, Kingston. REMARKS. — Formerly W.R. TAYLOR.
Inland Lloyds Vessel Register
Canadian Hulls, 1890

Schooner STEWART H. DUNN.* Built 1877.
* formerly schooner W.R. TAYLOR.
Name Changes from Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada,
on December 31, 1913. Sessional Papers Vol. XLV11 No. 16
Barge STUART H. DUNN.* Official Canadian No. 72964. Built at South Marysburg, Ont., in 1877. rebuilt at Fort Robinson, Ont., in 1889. Of 458 tons register. Home port, Toronto, Ont. 164.8 x 26,8 x 12.7 Owned by Russell Construction Co., Toronto, Ont.
* A recovered wreck.
List of Vessels on Registry Books of the Dominion
of Canada on the 31st. Day of December, 1933