Lakefront or Beach Front: Woodbine Beach to Victoria Park

By Joanne Doucette Come on Leslievillers, Riverdalers, and Torontonians in general, come with me time travelling through images to that lost vacation land, Lakefront also known as Beachfront. Where was it? Well, read and on and see the pictures. What was it? Not a true street, but a sandy path on the beaches, designated asContinue reading “Lakefront or Beach Front: Woodbine Beach to Victoria Park”

Self-guided Tour: Bricks, Devils and a Pocket

Your mission …to explore strange familiar worlds; to seek out life amid urban civilization; to boldly go where everyone has gone before. By Joanne Doucette INTRODUCTION This self-guided tour encompasses the area bounded by Danforth on the north, Gerrard Street on the south, Jones Avenue on the west and Greenwood Avenue including the east side.Continue reading “Self-guided Tour: Bricks, Devils and a Pocket”