The corner of Morse Street & Queen Street East, April 1959

Queen Street East looking west to Morse Street – [ca. April, 1959]
Southeast corner Morse and Queen Street – [ca. April, 1959]

Published by Leslieville Historical Society

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One thought on “The corner of Morse Street & Queen Street East, April 1959

  1. Hi Joanne,
    What follows is lengthy.
    Merci pour les fotos et comme ca. We doel appreciate it, hehe.
    My wife and I just ate at Reliable (new owner) yesterday. Was reminded of an incident there in 2002.

    I was then still teaching at Morse and it was time for our annual Halloween parade. The students were about to go marching around the neighbourhood in costume at 1:00.
    Thing was, Reliable had just experienced a sizable fire that very morn. Around noon, I rushed to our Principal Mr. Kelly and mentioned the fire adding, “Dunno boss, maybe not such a good idea to stick to our traditional route, which would begin by leading the kids through the crosswalk directly into the area of the fire.”

    My suggested alternative was to use a new route, any path that’d detour away from that area. But Mr. Kelly ignored my suggestion. So there we all were later on, foolishly taking our entire schoolful of children directly towards the taped-off, burnt building (see ‘lawsuit by irate parent’).
    Deep sigh.
    Anyway…we survived.

    PS some of the imagery above is good enough to serve as historic posters of the sort that’ve already gone up in this neighbourhood (I was two yrs old when they were taken).

    PSS we remain furious at the landlords whose greed has led to the demise and/or re-location of such valued local businesses as Floribunda Flowers and the stalwart Eadreys deli. All we residents have gotten in return has been pizza and chicken wings joints.
    Shakes head…

    PSSS let’s talk candidate Josh Matlow into committing to a brand-new Jones TPL branch down in Leslie Grove. It could serve as a cool combo of library/community center/performance venue, yeah?

    I am done. The end.

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