Photos of Carlaw the Man and Street

These pictures do not fit neatly into any category but they are neat. Major Carlaw is listed as “capitalist”. In those days that was considered a very good thing indeed…at least by the “better half”. The magnificent facial hair that men of the era loved fell out of favour during the great influenza pandemic of 1918-19.Continue reading “Photos of Carlaw the Man and Street”

Carlaw Avenue: Rolph-Clark-Stone the Building

  If you had stood at the corner of Queen and Carlaw in 1910, you wouldn’t see many factories except Phillips Manufacturing Co. Ltd. on the west side. The land on the east side was owned by wealthy brickyard owner John Russell. A City Alderman, he somehow failed to pay his municipal property taxes. TheContinue reading “Carlaw Avenue: Rolph-Clark-Stone the Building”

Rolph-Clark-Stone Ltd., 201 Carlaw

  May my invention become known throughout the entire world by benefiting mankind in manifold ways through exquisite (printed) goods. May this only ever serve purposes of refinement, but never be abused for purposes of evil. May the Almighty Father grant this! May the hour be blessed in which I invented lithography!  Johann Alois Senefelder,Continue reading “Rolph-Clark-Stone Ltd., 201 Carlaw”

Time Travel Carlaw: Queen Street East Presbyterian and 181-183 Carlaw Avenue

Come with us way, way back to Carlaw Avenue 1921. We are going to walk up the east side of Carlaw all the way to Gerrard, experiencing some of the views and imagining some of the sounds and smells of Leslieville’s main industrial district. As we walk north away from Eastern Avenue towards Queen, weContinue reading “Time Travel Carlaw: Queen Street East Presbyterian and 181-183 Carlaw Avenue”

Time Travel Carlaw: 1920s South of Eastern Avenue

Is time travel possible? Maybe not literally (yet), but with a little imagination, some good pictures, and a smidgen of narrative, the past can come alive. Use your imagination to go up Carlaw Avenue in the mid-1920s with the Leslieville Historical Society.     Foot of Carlaw Avenue, City of Toronto Archives         FirstContinue reading “Time Travel Carlaw: 1920s South of Eastern Avenue”