A Coxwell Avenue Secret

From Shacktown to Subsidized Housing Housing: Downtown and Shacktown Developers laid out new subdivisions beyond Shacktown to the east of Coxwell Avenue. In 1909 the City of Toronto annexed the area south of the Danforth between Greenwood Avenue and the Beach. It included the area called “Midway”, on the former Ashbridge’s farm, between Greenwood and Coxwell Avenues.  All wasContinue reading “A Coxwell Avenue Secret”

Shacktown: Pump in the White Man

The Canadian Courier, Vol. V, No. 1, December 5, 1908   The Englishman in Canada has most of his troubles when he arrives. Shacktown began at a time of great expectations. There was an economic depression in Britain, following on an earlier depression in the 1890s. Unemployment soared and the big industrialized cities of Britain hadContinue reading “Shacktown: Pump in the White Man”

Not for Ourselves but For Others

Who were Granison and Luella Price and why should 6A Redwood Avenue be considered a heritage building? And what was the Eureka Club that first met there? Before I answer these questions, I want to say that sadly I do not have pictures of Luella and Granison. I do have a picture of what isContinue reading “Not for Ourselves but For Others”