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1909 Township of York Directory


Title Page Township of York Directory 1909 — before Midway was annexed to Toronto


Norway encompassed the Upper Beaches and the Greenwood Coxwell area as well as the old village of Norway at Kingston Road and Woodbine.

Some of the streets included Applegrove Avenue (now part of Dundas St E), Ashdale, Bellefair, Berkley Ave., Birch Avenue (now Silverbirch Avenue), Burgess, Cassells, Coxwell Ave., DuVernet, Erie Terrace (now Craven Road), Fern Ave., Gerrard Street, Gibson Ave., Hambly Ave, Hiawatha Rd., Hubert, Kenilworth Cres., Kingston Road, Lee Ave., Oak Ave. Reid (now Rhodes Ave.), Waverley  Rd., Wheeler, Woodbine Avenue, etc.


More streets: Alga Ave., Balmy, Elmer, Heyworth Crescent, Maple Ave., Morley Avenue (now Woodfield Rd.), Small (now Eastwood), and the Orchard Park Hotel.


More streets: Herbert, Lawlor Ave., Maclean Ave., Norway Ave., and Victoria Park Ave.


More streets: Lincoln, Wineva


More streets: Amroth, Danforth, Queen, caption


Some of the occupations: carp = carpenter, comp = newspaper compositor; cond = railway conductor, lab = labourer,  trav = traveller, watchmn = watchman


More occupations: pntr= painter, steno = stenographer, trainer = trainer of horses, wks fcy gds = works in a fancy goods store, 



The Kin Wong ad is rather unusual.


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