Picturing Little India

Using Photos All the photos above were from the City of Toronto Archives. This information tells me where to find the photo and similar photos and whether I can legally use this photo. Archival citation: Fonds 200, Series 1465, File 383 Title: South Riverdale Date(s) of creation of record(s) 1975-1988 Physical description of record(s) 25Continue reading “Picturing Little India”

Ew! On Eastern Ave.

Landlord: That smell’s the tannery; God help you in summer. If there’s one good thing, the rats can’t climb this high, but the water can – that roof hasn’t got long. Giacomo Casanova: You’re not exactly selling it. From the movie Casanova, 2005 Where did it all begin? In 1852 John Clarke opened a smallContinue reading “Ew! On Eastern Ave.”