October 6: I hear the train a-coming…about 20 feet above me!

This series of photographs will take you on a trip from downtown Toronto to Main Street on the new Toronto Viaduct, a raised railbed that lifted the train high above the city streets, eliminating several of the most dangerous level crossings such as the one at Queen near DeGrassi Street.

Plan of the Toronto Viaduct (raised railway line) to Logan Avenue, 1913
Leslieville businessman, teacher and contractor won the race to become Mayor based in part on his commitment to get the long-awaited Toronto Viaduct built. He kept his promise.
Creator: Alfred J. Pearson Date: December 5, 1926 Archival Citation: Fonds 16, Series 71, Item 4646 Credit: City of Toronto Archives http://www.toronto.ca/archives Copyright is in the public domain and permission for use is not required.
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October 6, 1926, looking east from Woodbine Avenue
Grand Trunk Railway, International Flyer running between Montreal and Chicago; looking east between York Station & Woodbine Ave TPL
Main Street bridge, looking east, April 26, 1915
York Station, from the Main Street bridge looking east

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