Who Do We Think We Are? Re-examining Racism Through Imagery



4Plate 11Plate 12

Plate 13

Britain drew on the Empire to fight in the trenches. Men poured in by the hundreds of thousands from what are now the countries of India and Pakistan… thought they were not welcome as immigrants in Britain or the Dominions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Plate 14

internet canadiansoldiersikhsdot ca/gallery.

Muslim Tommies

Muslim Tommies



William Peyton Hubbard, Canada’s first black politician



The Bicycling World and Motorcycle Review, 1915


Major Taylor (1878-1932) “Born November 26, 1878, in Indianapolis, Indiana, cyclist Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor began racing professionally when he was 18 years old. By 1900, Taylor held several major world records and competed in events around the globe. After 14 years of grueling competition and fending off intense racism, he retired at age 32. He died penniless in Chicago on June 21, 1932.” http://www.biography.com/people/marshall-walter-major-taylor

Bengough19280904GL Canadian Babyhood1retouchedjesus


Everywoman’s World, April, 1917



Little Black Sambo, The Globe and Mail, Feb. 3, 1956


William Ruffin Abbott, The Globe, January 11, 1848

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