Greenwood Avenue

Greenwood Park
Looking west from Greenwood Avenue over the abandoned brickyard where Greenwood Park will be created later. Note the horses grazing in the distance.
Looking north east Greenwood Avenue Orchard and Logan's Brickyard Chimney
Looking north east Greenwood Avenue Orchard and Logan’s Brickyard Chimney, 1901. This was before Greenwood’s Lane was widened to become Greenwood Avenue.


Greenwood Avenue was widened in 1909. Gerrard and Greenwood was a major streetcar junction with Greenwood cars going north-south to Danforth and Queen and Gerrard cars going east-west.
Price House 100 Greenwood Avenue
John Price built this handsome house at 100 Greenwood Avenue. It is a showcase for his “John Price Red”, considered by many to be the best brick ever made in Canada.
The tavern sign shown simply illustrates one possible rendition of a hanging sign for a Puritan tavern. The original sign has long been lost. The house of Frederick Greenwood, son of John and Catherine on Queen at Vancouver Avenue.
Greenwood Park2
Mayor Church and Parks Commissioner Chambers tossing the coin to decide which team will go to bat first at the first ball game in Greenwood Park. This was on the opening day.

Greenwood and Gerrard

Greenwood Avenue looking south from the GTR Tracks 1901
Greenwood Avenue looking south from the GTR Tracks, 1901. Courtesy of the Toronto Public Archives.


216 Greenwood Avenue. Isaac Price, brother to John Price, and also a brickmaker, built and lived in this house.
18990622GL Fire Hutchisons brickyard 99 Greenwood Ave
Globe, June 6, 18999 I will cover Greenwood’s many brickyards in a separate blog.
19301224TS Caulfields Dairy 381 Greenwood Ave
Toronto Star, December 24, 1930
19281207GL Arnolds Market Greenwood CORRECT
Globe, December 7, 1928

19281207GL Arnolds Market Greenwood detail

19250505GL Ruggles Trucks 298 Greenwood
Globe, May 5, 1925
19220918GL H P Wilson Lumber 370 Greenwood
Globe, September 18, 1922
18980326GL Clydesdale Mare for sale 101 Greenwood - Copy
Globe, March 26, 1898

Kate Greenwood

John Greenwood Grave
Greenwood memorials, St. John the Baptist Cemetery, Norway (Kingston Road and Woodbine Ave)

Violet GreenwoodGreenwood4Greenwood3Greenwood2GreenwoodGreenwood rowing

Globe, Nov. 7, 1865 Greenwood's shooting match
Globe, November 7, 1865

Charles Greenwood wins regatta Globe June 14 1880

Charles Greenwood wins regatta Globe June 14 1880
Charles Greenwood wins regatta Globe June 14 1880
Globe and Mail, November 25, 1944
19370112GM Greenwood Wise obit
Globe and Mail, January 12, 1937
19320507TS Estate of Joseph Greenwood builder
Toronto Star, May 7, 1932
19280502TS Frederick Greenwood injured Rhodes Ave
Toronto Star, May 2, 1928
19150813GM George Greenwood obit
Globe, August 13, 1915
18950903DailyMailandEmpire John Greenwood
Daily Mail and Empire, September 3, 1895
18820420GL Greenwood Tavern Leslieville
Globe, April 20, 1882
18800614GL Charles Greenwood wins regatta
Globe, June 14, 1880
18680411GL Mary L Johnson Greenwood
Globe, April 11, 1968
A 19th century Carriage works.
19280202TS Sale of brick pit to Wagstaff
Toronto Star, February 2, 1928

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One thought on “Greenwood Avenue

  1. Very informative. We have owned the house a # 3 Boston Avenue since 2000
    and any information , other than it was the “manse” for a local church dating
    to the 1870’s. The building pre-dates City Hall records and the “Goad’s ”
    index search has left us bewildered about our house’s history. Could you
    offer any more information about our property? It would be greatly appreciated.

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