Riverdale Collegiate

by Joanne Doucette There is an urban legend that Myrtle, Ivy and Harriet Streets were named after local women (true) who argued so much that they could never meet so the streets don’t meet (not true). The deep ravine called “the Devil’s Hollow” had more to do with keeping the streets from meeting. The womenContinue reading “Riverdale Collegiate”

On this place: Riverdale Collegiate…

Did you ever wonder what was here in days gone by? Who lived here? What buildings stood here? Why did they build here? This picture shows Riverdale Collegiate on the far hill on December 22, 1919. We are looking from Prust Ave. Landfill with large concrete rubble fills the ravine in the immediate foreground. TheContinue reading “On this place: Riverdale Collegiate…”

St. Matthews Anglican Church and “The Little Pink Lady”

These are posted here because young girls from Leslieville took part in this organization and the play, including the Tolchards. The full text of Lindsey Barbee’s 1917 play for children, “The Little Pink Lady” is below. This history of St. Matthews Anglican Church is from 1924, about the time the play was produced.