Craven Road: By The Numbers

Erie Terrace was renamed Craven Road officially in 1924. There were houses on the street from the spring of 1906 onwards, but the Directory canvassers did not cover them. They probably thought the shacks not worthy of mention. Each Directory reflects the year before its publication date. So the 1908 Directory reflects the street asContinue reading “Craven Road: By The Numbers”

The Duke of York

THE DUKE “The Duke of York” 1225 Queen Street East “The Duke of York … is the oldest continuous business in the east-end Toronto neighborhood of Leslieville.  A former stagecoach stop and hotel, the watering hole sits at the heart of an area that has remained determinedly working class – one of the last enclavesContinue reading “The Duke of York”

Weaving Our History: The Isaac Price House and the Underground Railroad

An interesting house from the outside, the Isaac Price House at 216 Greenwood is even more interesting in ways we cannot imagine as threads of history run through it, weaving into a larger tapestry that includes the Underground Railroad. Isaac Price and Annie Margaret Price (nee Simpson) Toronto Star, Jan. 4, 1930 Isaac Price (Ike toContinue reading “Weaving Our History: The Isaac Price House and the Underground Railroad”