Badgerow Avenue 1893

Badgerow – Formerly Franklin Street. It was renamed after George Washington Badgerow (1841 – 1892), an Ontario lawyer and politician who represented York East in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1879 to 1886 as a Liberal member. The family, originally “Bergereau”, were early settlers in Markham and strong supporters of the rebels in 1837. Disgruntled, some joined the Markham Gang of outlaws.

TorontoOldNew Badgerow







Badgerow and Dixon Vinegar 1893 79 Jarvis Street Toronto Illus

Badgerow and Dixon Vinegar Works 1893 79 Jarvis Street



Goad’s Atlas 1893

Badgerow1893 b

Badgerow Avenue 1893 with street numbers corresponding to the 1893 City Directory.

Badgerow 2018

City of Toronto Interactive Map

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