The Story of a Marsh — Now a Harbor

Ashbridge’s Bay, map from 1912
Ashbridge’s Bay painting by John Willson 1899
Ashbridge’s Marsh, Lucius O’Brien, 1873
Ashbridges Bay, John Willson, 1900
Michael Hannaford, Scarborough Heights, 1883. Ashbridges Bay on the left with the City of Toronto in the distance.
Sunset on Ashbridges, about 1909. Bay, City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1244, Item 248.
Ashbridges Bay, 1890s looking west towards Booth Avenue (buildings in distance are at what is now Booth and approx. Eastern Avenue).
Photograph of Lake Ontario shoreline by Joanne Doucette. Some parts of the old Ashbridges Bay may have looked similar — with a long line of sandy beach and dunes separating a shallow lagoon from the lake beyond.

Published by Leslieville Historical Society

Welcome to the Leslieville Historical Society's website. Please feel free to join us, to ask questions, to attend walking tours and other events, and to celebrate Leslieville's past while creating our future. Guy Anderson, President, Leslieville Historical Society and Joanne Doucette, local historian and webmaster.

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