Brooklyn Avenue: stories from the street, 1886-1899

By Joanne Doucette (

James Armstrong was of the realtors responsible for developing the former clay quarries as a new street: Brooklyn Avenue. Paving the street was highly in his company’s interests. Globe, May 4, 1886

City Engineer’s Report, Globe, May 9, 1886
Lots sold Brooklyn Ave, Globe, February 15, 1887
Lots sold Brooklyn Ave, Globe, March 26, 1887
Lots for sale, Armstrong & Cook, Globe, November 8, 1887
Lots for sale, Globe, February 18, 1888
Petley lots for sale, Globe, July 21, 1888
Ontario election polling station, Globe, May 31, 1890
Lots for sale cheap, Globe, August 27, 189
James Frame runs for Alderman, must own land to be eligible, Toronto Star, January 1, 1907
Found watch, Globe, September 23, 1897
Warden York Co Stokes tax arrears, Toronto Star, November 5, 1897
Patronage and appoints: R.B. Oxley appointed Customs, Liberal supporter, Toronto Star, August 26, 1898
A flock of sheep causes chaos for the streetcars and injures Mrs. McLauchlin of Brooklyn Avene. Trolley collision, Globe, August 31, 1898
The Canadian architect and builder [Vol. 13, no. 11 (Nov. 1900)] St Clements Brooklin ave
Cornerstone St. Clement’s Anglican Church, Globe, October 8, 1898
Clements Church, Globe, January 4, 1899
St Clements, Globe, April 4, 1899
Property for sale, brick house, coach house, stabling, Toronto Star, July 4, 1899

Leslieville Map 1909, showing Brooklyn Avenue
1909 Sankey Map showing the creeks that ran through the brickyards

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