The West Side Story: Carlaw

1923-goads-atlas-west-sideCarlaw Avenue is becoming the major north-south artery in Leslieville. It has evolved from impassable country lane to an industrial hub to a brownfield of abandoned factories and rusting equipment to a vibrant neighbourhood. Leslieville has few “high rises” and they are found only on Carlaw Avenue. These condos include new builds and adaptive re-uses of old industrial buildings like The Printing House Lofts and The Wrigley Building. Other old factories now host a wide variety of boutique shops, gyms, studios, art galleries, and even one of the best bakers of birthday cakes in Toronto. In January we will explore the West Side.

A Carlaw Avenue Slideshow

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To give a sense of just how industrial Leslieville, look at this list.




76 Canadian John Wood Mfg. Ltd., 81-123 Hanson St. (boiler, tanks etc.)

78 Bastian Morely Ltd. (heating apparatus), 81-125 Hanson St.

80 Canadian Line Materials Ltd. (forgings), 8 Hillingdon Ave.

82 W. H. Farrell Lumber & Fuel Ltd.

86 Harris Coal Co. Ltd., 514 Coxwell Ave.

90 City of Toronto Rhodes

92 David Atkin Co.

94 Peerless Artificial Stone Ltd., 514 Coxwell Ave.

96 Toronto Transportation Commission (material supply), Hanson St. Yard

100 J. Lucas & Co. (brick), 359 Greenwood Ave.

102 Frank A. Bowden & Sons Ltd. (lumber), 377-387 Carlaw Ave.

104 John Price Ltd. (brick), 395 Greenwood Ave.

104 Toronto Brick Co Ltd. (brick), Greenwood Ave.

106 Standard Fuel Co. Ltd., 334 Greenwood Ave.

108 Albert H. Wagstaff (brick) 348 Greenwood Ave.

112 Charcoal Supply Co., 465 Leslie St.

114 Canadian Wirebound Boxes Ltd., 1000 Gerrard St. E.

116 Conger Lehigh Coal Co. Ltd., 930 Gerrard St. E.

118 Elias Rogers Co. Ltd., 369 Pape Ave.

120 Grasselli Chemical Co., 347-351 Pape Ave.

122 Thompson & Norris Co. of Canada Ltd., 353 Pape Ave. (paper box manufacturer)

124 Hillman Coal & Coke Co. Ltd., 359 Pape Ave.

126 Milnes Coal Co. Ltd., 354-358 Pape Ave.

128 Wm. H. Banfield & Sons Ltd., 370 Pape Ave. (electrical fixtures, phonograph motors)

128 Way Sagless Spring Co. Ltd.

128 Easy Washing Machine Co.

132 Brandram-Henderson Ltd. (paint & varnish), 377 Carlaw Ave.

134 International Varnish Co. Ltd., 371-375 Carlaw Ave.

134 Martin-Senour Co. Ltd. (paints), 371-375 Carlaw Ave.

136 Connell Anthracite Mining Co. Ltd. yd #5, 325 Carlaw Ave.


Wrigley Building, 245 Carlaw Ave.

138 Delco-Light Co. of Canada Ltd., 245 Carlaw Ave.

140 Dyment Ltd. (window displays), 245 Carlaw Ave.

142 Diamond State Fibre Co. of Canada Ltd., 245 Carlaw Ave. (fibreboard)

144 De Forest Radio Corp. Ltd.

146 General Fireproofing Co., 235 Carlaw Ave.

146 A. D. Shoup Co. Ltd. (paper boxes), 245 Carlaw Ave.

148 Blachford Shoe Mfg. Co. Ltd.

148 Geo. LaMonte & Son Ltd. (paper mfgs.), 319 Carlaw Ave.

148 Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. Ltd. (gum) 235-245, Carlaw Ave.


150 Rolph-Clarke-Stone Ltd. (litho.), 201-213 Carlaw Ave.

152 Kent-McClain Ltd. (showcase mfg.), 181-199 Carlaw Ave.

156 The Palmolive Co. of Canada Ltd. (soap), 58-64 Natalie St.

158 Phillips Mfg. Co. Ltd. (mouldings), 258-326 Carlaw Ave.

160 Pratt Food Co. of Canada Ltd., 328 Carlaw Ave. (poultry remedies)

162 Sturgeons Ltd. (painters’ supplies), 330 Carlaw Ave.

164 Frederick G. Harrold’s Coal Co., 346 Carlaw Ave.

166 Dominion Glass Co. Ltd., 388 Carlaw Ave.

168 John E. Russell (builders’ supplies)

170 Adams Furniture Co. Ltd., 309-353 Logan Ave.

172 Woods Mfg. Co. Ltd. (bags), 401 Logan Ave.

174 Canada Waxed Papers Ltd.

174 Canadian Chewing Gum Co. Ltd. (Chiclets), 405 Logan Ave.

176 Canada Starch Co. Ltd., 401 Logan Ave.

178 Reliable Mfg. Co. Ltd., 405 Logan Ave.

180 P. Burns & Co. Ltd. (coal & wood), 449 Logan Ave.

182 T. Grinnell & Son (coal & wood), 843 Gerrard St. E.

184 Geo. Oakley & Son Ltd. (cut stone), 355-367 Logan Ave.

186 Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co. Ltd., 870 Queen St. E.

188 Consumers Gas Co. “B” Works, Eastern Ave.

190 Scott Bros. (stone contractors), 38-42 McGee St.

I have adapted this list from R. L. Kennedy’s research at:

The 1921 Directory also gives a good picture.


These 1947 Aerial Photographs from the City of Toronto also give a good idea of just what a manufacturing powerhouse Carlaw Avenue was.

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We will proceed up Carlaw from Queen in our imaginary time machine. We visited Palmolive yesterday. There are more old Carlaw factories to come! Stay tuned!


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