Leslieville Historical Society Remembers: 48th Highlanders, Nov. 8

Dileas Gu Brath
Faithful Forever


Pipe Band, 48th Highlanders, 1st Brigade, Toronto, 1939. Library and Archives Canada.
Warrant Officers and Sergeants, 1939 Library and Archives Canada
48th Highlanders, Camp Borden, August 1940 Library and Archives Canada
Infantrymen of the 48th Highlanders of Canada advancing towards Adrano, Italy, 18 August 1943 LIbrary and Archives Canada
Infantrymen of The 48th Highlanders dealing with a German counterattack, San Leonardo di Ortona, Italy, Dec. 10, 1943 Library and Archives Canada
Pte Stanley Rodgers 48th Highlanders north of the Conca River en route to Rimini, Italy, Sept 1944. Library and Archives Canada
Privates J. Miller and W.H. Hall digging a slit trench, San Leonardo di Ortona, Italy, Dec. 10, 1943 Library and Archives Canada
Pipers 48th Highlanders Campobasso shortly after its capture, 18 Oct 1943 Canada Dept of National Defence
Private L. V. Hughes, 48th Highlanders of Canada, sniper (on roof top), near Foglio River, Italy, 1944 Library and Archives Canada
Infantrymen of The 48th Highlanders of Canada preparing to sweep the area between Apeldoorn and Harderwijk, Netherlands, 19 April 1945 Library and Archives Canada

48th Highlander soldier holding child, 1940s City of Toronto Archives [Very probably taken in Union Station, Toronto, on his return from overseas at the end of the Second World War)

Eleven more photos will be posted tomorrow.


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