Leslieville News: December 29

Riverdale Junior Rugby team, Toronto Sunday World, December 29, 1912
Formal opening of the world’s greatest power plant The Toronto Star, December 29, 1921 Abundant cheap electricity spurred the expansion of industry along Leslieville’s waterfront and up Carlaw Avenue.
Pressed the button Chippawa power plant The Toronto Star, December 29, 1921
But this man left his name on a community Centre and Park in Leslieville. Toronto Star, December 29, 1934

Published by Leslieville Historical Society

Welcome to the Leslieville Historical Society's website. Please feel free to join us, to ask questions, to attend walking tours and other events, and to celebrate Leslieville's past while creating our future. Guy Anderson, President, Leslieville Historical Society and Joanne Doucette, local historian and webmaster.

2 thoughts on “Leslieville News: December 29

  1. Hi Joanne, Once again a BIG MERCI for all these historical photo updates. Seeing Jimmy Simpson’s image reminded me of a more modern historical event. There was once CBC-TV sports department coverage of our Morse ‘Moose’ football team making its season debut after an absence of decades (i.e. Morse PS hadn’t had a football team since the ’70s) against Huron Street PS. The gal with the hyphenated surname who was one of the sportscasters, had agreed to my request to come out and cover the initial moments of the match. I’d earlier pitched that idea to her as a ‘human interest story’ i.e. tiny inner city school fields a team etc etc. The age group was 8-12 year olds. The date was a weekday in mid-September 2000. Dunno, but maybe the CBC still has a copy? I coached that team for three years, as one of the extra-curriculars that I ran at Morse, before eventually transferring over to nearby Bruce PS for my final years. Thus, there are many ‘Jimmy Simpson field’ stories, good, bad and ugly. They say thta covid mckes folks spel wronge but i don beeliev that. stay sfae cheerz Gregg LaMarsh

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