Year: 2018

Badgerow Avenue 1893

Badgerow – Formerly Franklin Street. It was renamed after George Washington Badgerow (1841 – 1892), an Ontario lawyer and politician who represented York East in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1879 to 1886 as a Liberal member. The family, originally “Bergereau”, were early settlers in Markham and strong supporters of the rebels in 1837. Disgruntled, some joined the Markham Gang of outlaws.    

ON A WHEEL: A Trip for Cyclists in Eastern Suburbs, 1894

ON A WHEEL. A Trip for Cyclists in Eastern Suburbs. DOWN THE KINGSTON ROAD. Beauties of Nature Which Many Miss. SIGHTS ALONG THE WAYSIDE. A Run From Little York to Wexford. The Agricultural Wealth of York County viewed From the Saddle of the Bicycle. It is questionable if one out of every ten of those in this city who possess bicycles really appreciates a quarter of the opportunities for enjoyment which it places within his reach, and it is certain if he does that he makes little attempt to improve them. With the average rider the question of largest moment seems to be that of covering the greatest amount of space in the least possible time, and in the runs into the country which he takes once or twice a week the terminal point of his trip, and the desire to reach it as soon as possible, usually possesses his mind to the exclusion almost of everything else. He is carelessly conscious, perhaps, of a pretty country through which he may be passing, but he …